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  • Welcome, Guest · RSS 13.08.2020, 08:45

    DiamFC - a program for flowcharting of source code programs Pascal / Delphi.

        Now you do not need hands to draw a flowchart in Word or painte. DiamFC program do it for you!!! DiamFC build flowchart in MS Word or MS Paint, as desired. Automatically make the gap a flowchart for a few pages. Depending on the requirements of your school, you can choose how to display blocks of data output to the screen in block diagram.
           DiamFC handles all operators of the language Pascal, Delphi. The only requirement - your program should be constructed in accordance with the syntax of the language Pascal, Delphi. And you must have MS Excel, MS Word.
    Program flowcharting - paid, but allows for free build a block diagram for the programs in which less than 30 lines. You can delete unwanted rows (ad types and variables, all lines up to and including the keyword implementation), and thus reduce the size of the program :)

    The program cost only 5 (five) dollars. Small price to pay even for a student ))

    Examples of flowcharting
    • You can copy the desired block of code to the clipboard and to construct a block diagram for this part of the program. If you copy a piece of code should begin and end with the keyword begin-end.

    [ Добавить новость ]
    The new version of diamFC 1.12.022
    1) adds the ability to label the blocks.
    2) added a new unit to display a rectangle with a curved bottom line.

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